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this game live or die?

This game was very very fun to play! i love zombie defense games and this was awesome! there was a bug where the wave ended and i still died but other than that. AWESOME! well done on creating this game!

This game is very interesting! i hope that it keeps being updated! i had a lot of fun playing! 


This game looks intresting and I want to play it but for me it does not have a start button! I have already checked in the options of there is a secret start button, But there is not. I have clicked the info button... STILL, STILL,  no start button. I have no idea how to play this game, Instead i just stare at the cars and trucks pass by. Just staring at the menu, looking for SOMETHING. That sadly does not exsist. Why.

-The Same guy who said no start button is this a troll, CoolGuy0123456


New Update! A bunch of new Stuff! Still as hard though...

What?! there is nooo start button!!! ... really  is this a troll?!

No, sorry you're the only person who reported this problem.
I'll try to reproduce the problem and fix it.


Thanks I really want to play this game! 


J'ai bien apprécié ce jeu ! Un contrôle sur les personnages et leurs statistiques rend le niveau de difficulté du jeu plutôt intéressant.

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Oi, this game was a absolute blast! Loved the management mechanic, having people with different stats makes it challenging and memorable. Difficulty ramps up quickly and the lack of a strafe feature makes it increadibly hard as the levels progress. But all in all, very good game!


enjoyed playing this, it's a good little time waster i would say the only problem is the controls, maybe controller support would be good or maybe make it so that you can strafe but you walk slower when strafing to balance it out.